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Teamwork Makes Us All Better Travelers

I just got back from speaking at the 10th annual Chicago Seminars. For those unfamiliar with the event, each year in October about 400 of us get together to share tips and tricks in a wide array of travel-related topics. The topics run from booking multiple award seats to the best credit card deals to how to increase your income in cash and miles playing this game.

This year’s, like other years I have spoken about the value of your good credit as one of the most important assets in obtaining large numbers of miles and points. We discussed the five factors that affect your credit score, what some of the rules of the road are in regards to how many applications you can make in a given time frame and just in general brought some of the new members of the group up to speed with how we are all so successful in this hobby.

Out of the 400 attendees, almost half were first-timers and newbies to the hobby. It is extremely important to let them know they do not need to pla… Read More

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