Best Way To Pack a Suitcase To Maximize Space: 25 Packing Tips

While planning to go on vacation, packing your suitcase is one of the most crucial concerns on your priority list. Not to mention how easy it is to unpack all your luggage only to find one T-shirt and shorts and how difficult it is to fill everything in.

So before you get too excited by imagining yourself lying in a hammock with a margarita in hand, you have to determine how to get all your essentials from one place to the other to count your favorite clothes and accessories in your suitcase.

I will try to make packing your suitcase easier and guide you on the best way to pack a suitcase to maximize space. I am here to tell you 25 essential tips and tricks to pack your bag to maximize space that you should always follow.

Best Way To Pack a Suitcase to Maximize Space

You know there is much to discuss regarding packing, so what is the most essential and efficient way to pack your suitcase?

So, let’s dive into the 25 essential ways to pack your suitcase.

#1 Prepare The Packing List

Packing is also a science that takes thousands of years for travelers to learn. So, the initial step to making their journey very easy and comfortable is to make a list of essentials to ensure nothing is left behind and streamline the process.

Your packing list depends on the trip’s duration and destination. 

Therefore, a packing list can significantly differentiate between free and harried vacations. 

#2 Avail the Accessible Space

Before putting all your things in your suitcase, start from the beginning and reach up to the following:

  • The available space in your suitcase
  • The size of your suitcase
  • Whether your suitcase is a checked bag or a carrying bag

So it depends on your duration and destination. A hand will work well if traveling alone or on a short trip. If your list of things is longer than usual, you might need a huge bag.

#3 Fold Your Clothes

Now it’s a good time to answer a query once and for all: rolled-up clothes can save you maximum space in your suitcase. Folded clothes can occupy your suitcase’s space and luggage height, while rolled clothes can fill even smaller gaps.  

So whether you are on a team fold or team roll, in the opinion of experts, rolling clothes can save a lot of space.

#4 Create A Plan To Arrange Clothes

When you have rolled up all your items and clothes, now it’s time to plan where you will adjust your suitcase. 

So it will be a good idea to fit the coats, sweaters, jackets, and jeans near the bottom of your suitcase.

After placing your heavy clothes, throw the lightweight garments like tops, shirts, and skirts on top of your bag. 

#5 Use of Toiletry Bags

Thanks to its grab-and-go feature, a toiletry bag is one of the most essential must-haves for your undergarments. On top of its convenience, you can pack all of your items related to your hygiene, like showering, skincare, and medical essentials, in one place.

So, opt for the water-resistant bag for travel essentials because it will also be easy to clean and durable. 

#6 Use Packing Cubes

The days were great when you could pack your socks in Ziploc bags; it was the best way to put your cosmetics and travel goodies. 

So packing cubes act as a smaller suitcase and a potential way to grab and go travel bag.


  • It helps to limit excesses
  • Limit creases and wrinkles
  • Easy access to clothes
  • It allows you to stay organized
  • Use one cube per outfit, then reuse it as a laundry cube


  • Add weight to your luggage
  • Take more space depending on the number

#7 Rule of 3 For Packing Shoes

Shoes are among the most common culprits for taking up your suitcase’s space. So follow up on the rule of three pairs of shoes so you can leave nothing behind to avoid overpacking.

#8 Pack Travel-Sized Containers

While it might be overwhelming to pack your medicine bottles and regular-sized shampoo bottles at home, placing them in full-sized containers can save precious luggage space.

Best Way To Pack a Suitcase

So, it will be best to refill your travel-sized bottle with your shampoo from home and take it on vacation.

#9 Use a Lightweight Suitcase

It takes work to bear the weight of your suitcase as part of your weight allowance. As lighter will be your suitcase, heavier items can be adjusted in it. So, while traveling by air, it is the most conscious concern to be counted for due to strict weight limits. 

#10 Leave The Unnecessary Items

It is best to leave unnecessary items at home to make your suitcase more spacious. Put the necessary types of things in your travel bag and reject those not used at your destination. 

#11 Pack Travel-Sized Towels

Refrain from taking heavy towels with you, as nowadays, the market is full of travel towels that are easy to use, clean, and carry. It takes up a fraction of the space of a microfiber travel towel and folds up to the size of my hand. 

#12 Pack Dryer Sheets For Dirty Clothes

Keep your dirty clothes in the dryer sheets to prevent them from smelling, especially if you cannot wash them for more than a week because these dryer sheets take up no space in your checked luggage. 

#13 Use The Unutilized Space

You should use the unutilized space to make the suitcase more spacious for travel. For instance, put the belts in the loops of your pants, fold the bras in the shirts, and place the socks in your shoes to get more space in the suitcase. 

#14 Cut Down Your Makeup Items

While traveling full-time, you need to reduce your makeup accessories significantly. So opt for a very lean kit, thus allowing for maximum space in your checked bag. Luckily, most well-known makeup brands offer smaller package bags that are easy to travel with.

#15 Ditch Raincoat Or Bulky Umbrella

Oversized raincoats and umbrellas are very bulky, so get more space in your suitcase. Ditch both items and go for a lightweight and pocketable raincoat. 

#16 Use Of Hand Carry

Yes, fingers crossed, your luggage does not go well, but you should prepare already if it happens. So, if you have space, pack your batting outfit with plenty of undergarments and an extra pair of shoes in your hand to have more space in your big suitcase. 

#17 Opt For An International Adapter

Travel adapters could be more convenient and bulky to pack, especially in the case of multiple countries with different power outlets. So, it is good to check the voltage of your destination countries beforehand and buy the adapter accordingly.  

#18 Travel First Aid Box

This item you never think about and will never need should be a must-have for your traveling suitcase. You can also create a first aid box that is handy and easy to use, as you can keep it in your handbag to save space in your suitcase

#19 Keep Like Items Together

To make your suitcase more spacious, you should keep all the items together, like cables, chargers, and camera gear, in one place. Moreover, put the clothing items together so that it will be easy for you to get what you want and save valuable time. 

#20 Use The Front Pocket Of Your Suitcase

One of the most valuable places to put your small items is the front pocket of your suitcase, which you overlook most of the time. Your briefcase may feature front pockets on both sides. These pockets are best for keeping books, documents, flip-flops, or slippers.

#21 Repeat The Outfits

One of the most vital ways to have more space in your suitcase is to carry only a few clothes. You should take 3 to 4 pairs of clothes, cut them down, and repeat your outfits after a few days. Having a new look every day on your trip does not matter. 

#22 Wear Heavy Clothes On The Flight

It would be a good practice to wear heavy clothes on the flight to save space in your suitcase. You can wear heavy coats, the chunkiest sweaters, and heavy jeans that can take up a considerable margin if you place them in your bag. 

#23 Use a Hanging Accessory Organizer

A hanging accessory organizer is an excellent option to keep smaller items like shaving kits, pocket-sized towels, etc. Since hanging organizers offer more space, they are much lighter and more compact, making travel easy and comfortable.

Best Way To Pack a Suitcase

#24 Roll Up And Fold Thicker Clothes

Rolling up thicker clothes instead of folding them is challenging, but they also take up most of your suitcase space, which differs from our purpose.

So, I used a strategy to fold or lay my sweaters and coats on the top of a suitcase or put them on the bottom. Other items like packing cubes, shoes, and accessories for cleaning can be placed in between. 

Similarly, if you have clothes made with chunky fabric, flatten them rather than fold them so that they become a thin layer as much as possible. 

#25 Make Use Of Nooks And Crannies

You can save up a larger space in the suitcase by putting your shirts, socks, undergarments, and hair brushes in the nooks and crannies instead of placing them in several bags. It might seem like a bad idea, but it adds up when trying to pack everything as efficiently and wisely as possible. 

How to Pack Your Suitcase for an International Flight

Making your international flight luggage is very easy as it has some significant advantages, thus saving you money and making you more adaptable to life abroad. 

First, you should pair your packing down and lay out everything you want to take with you. Then cut them in half, and you will enjoy luring so much around you where you go. 

Additionally, it would help if you did not pack anything new as items you plan to wear are not for making you good-looking but need to be more comfortable. It means you should take anything you haven’t worn before because you should ensure that the clothes you take with you will be enough for every activity you plan to do.

Moreover, take the multipurpose items along with you, and your clothes will serve more than one occasion that can go smoothly, from outdoor adventures to out for dinners. If you have a limited wardrobe, you should opt for one color, which will help keep your suitcase lightweight. It would help if you remembered that darker colors hide dirt more quickly, making picking up a few choices easier. 

How to Pack Your Suitcase for an International Flight

Furthermore, try to pack as many things made with lightweight materials because these stuff dont wrinkle easily and can be packed in your suitcase perfectly. However, you can do your laundry easily whenever you want.

For students going abroad, taking their electronic accessories are very much essential. It would help if you carried your laptops, camera chargers, and power banks. So, you should bring your dual voltage chargers for all your devices.

It is also to be noted that these electronic devices should be kept from your regular luggage in the suitcases. Some airlines do not allow you to turn on your devices, while some will need to enable you to turn them on, so if you have packed your devices with your luggage, you will be in an awkward situation.  

How to Pack Your Suitcase Smarter to Avoid Claim Issues

Want to know how to pack your suitcase smarter?

Well, you have dived in the right place to know the preventive measures and tips for your suitcase. You may often need to remember your essential thing, and you can face a big blunder after it. You must deal with heavy bags if you exceed the airline’s required limit. 

So, to avoid the hassle of claim issues and to be on the safer side, you should follow my below-given rules. 

To avoid checking concerns, you should take only one bag instead of two, as you can go for one hand carry for early checking at the airport because the check-in allowance is different as per the airline. Extra alliance is given for hand luggage. 

Then check the luggage allowance before packing your suitcase; in this way, you can save yourself paying a considerable amount of money in fines because most airline charges a hefty fine for extra luggage, so be more brilliant and protect yourself from loads of strain during your journey.

Another clever trick is to make your suitcase look different from others because you will find many bags in the airport that look similar to yours so that you can find them quickly. Therefore, it would be best to make your bag with unique identification to be easily searchable. 

Likewise, to make your suitcase more accessible, paste contact information like your name and address inside and outside of your bag. You can also write an e-mail address for giving different modes of communication. Do the same to the inner side of your suitcase just in case the outer slip is damaged or torn off. The same information can be reachable on the inner side. 

Moreover, on the check-in corner, the airline puts a tag on your suitcase with some essential information, so you should review those details so that they are correct. You should also check the origin and destination names of the airport that are written on a suitcase in the form of a barcode. Also, make sure that the information mentioned on tags matches the claim ticket, and some titles may also come with the flight number and your name. 

It’s my personal experience that most airlines do not consider regular wear and tear of your suitcases, but if you find something acutely damaged, you have a right to file a complaint against them. So, following the rules and steps to file a complaint against a claim is best, and you are ready to go. 

Last but not least, a more brilliant tip is to reach your luggage claim area because when your flight has come to the airport, you should not wait. You should ask your airline agent where to go if you need clarification. It does not matter. Even if you are the last person in a huge crowd, you should travel to the luggage area to claim it. 

How to Pack Your Suitcase According to Climatic Conditions

One of the most exhilarating times comes when, as a student, you have to leave your birthplace. They go abroad for their higher studies and get their luggage and suitcases packed with care and precautions. 

Canada is a fantastic place to learn and educate for many international students, as it is a known educational destination with a diverse community and full of landscapes. However, it can be overwhelming when it is time to pack your suitcases for a very long time.

You naturally want to take everything you need for yourself. These can include essential clothing, medicines, documents, and many more. 

So when it comes to clothing, you should research the climate according to climate and pack accordingly. Canada is an expansive country, and its weather usually becomes very uncertain, depending on the region. So it is good to discover the temperature in the city where you will study and count for when you reach there.

How to Pack Your Suitcase According to Climatic Conditions

You may need to take winter clothes, especially if you go to colder cities, like Montreal and Toronto, where the severe winter season persists. If you are to go to Victoria and Vancouver, you will need a few warm clothes because of the milder climate. 

Regarding medicines, there might be a case of illness with you. If you suffer from any health-related issues like allergies, you should carry some essential medication until you can get help from a doctor. It would help if you took the doctor’s prescription to save yourself from legal complications at the airport. 

The last thing that is important for the students is to pack the necessary documents while traveling for their educational purposes. In your luggage, you must arrange essential documents like your passport, a visa acceptance letter from the university, medical reports, and proof of finances like bank statements, etc.

To be a careful student, you should take your original documents with complex and digital copies. You should have backup copies of all your essential documents if you have lost them.

In addition, studying abroad is very difficult for some students because of their attachment to their homes. So it would help to pack your suitcases with some comfortable items from home. It is also a difficult decision due to homesickness and the new culture. So it is better to bring some comfortable things from your home town that can be helpful for you and offer a feeling of ease. These items include photographs, blankets, and books that can provide you with more calm in a new environment. 

Lastly, all the students should pack their luggage according to their lifestyles and preferences. Everyone has their likes, dislikes, and preferences, ranging from dietary choices to hobbies. 

For instance, if you are a vegetarian, you should investigate your university’s rules regarding food menus and dining options or pack some foods that suit your taste and health. Likewise, if you are a passionate hiker, you should take hiking boots, waterproofs, and proper footwear to discover beautiful places at your destination.

The use of luggage organization is essential for students. Whether you want to buy luggage organizers or just come up with personal ones, having a process for your packing madness will be very helpful for students because it will significantly help you reach your necessary items in your time of need.

Moreover, these organizers in your suitcase will help you determine whether you have left anything essential behind, and you can pack everything very methodically. Whatever process you opt for, you should leave anything unfolded and unwrapped in your suitcases. You can expect that you are going to throw all your things in the corner of your hotel room or dump the whole bag out onto your bed, but there are better practices than that.  

Should You Live Out or Unpack Your Suitcase?

It does not matter if you are going on a short trip. The time and effort of unpacking and repacking your suitcases do not outweigh the organizational benefits of having your bags unpacked at your final destination. Follow these steps to keep your briefcase organized. While you spend more than a week at your destination, you can notice some additional benefits of unpacking your bags and suitcases. 

In addition, keeping the organizational tips in mind will make your unpacking easy when you want to find something essential. 

So, it is best to follow the tips for unpacking your bags and suitcases to track where you have stored your items, as you can leave something behind. 

How to Pack Your Shoes in Your Suitcase

When it comes to how to pack your suitcase along with your shoes require some tips. The best way to pack your shoes in a suitcase is by placing them in a separate bag. You must ensure the cleanliness and odor are in good condition before putting them in the fabric or plastic bag with the soles facing upward. 

Finally, it would help if you placed this bag in the corner of your suitcase or at the bottom. As an additional tip, you can also stuff your shoes with socks to compress the shoe as much as possible and push other items against it. 

How to Pack a Suitcase for a Flight

For a flight, you should pack your suitcase as densely as possible without going beyond the limits of aviation in terms of weight. So it is a good idea to use packing cubes, small and lightweight items, and roll clothes instead of folding them. 

Moreover, you should also research the airline’s luggage requirements to ensure that the suitcase comes within the physical dimensions allowed and the final weight of your bag does not exceed the limits recommended by the airline. 

How to Pack Your Jewelry in Your Suitcase

For traveling, you will need to take some jewelry as well. So, travel jewelry holders can be pretty bulky. Fortunately, pill holders can be a good alternative. You can fit up the stud earrings in a single day and fill other days with dangly ones to ensure they will not get entangled.

Furthermore, it is also possible to keep necklaces in pill-light containers. You just have to cut up the stick from a cotton swab to ensure it would fit in a pill case. Finally, wrap the necklace around a bar; it should not be entangled with other items. 

I think you will be satisfied to know how to pack your suitcase when you have many jewelry items in your luggage.

How to Use Press Seal Plastic Wraps for Accessories

Instead of using separate punches and pill cases, you can also use press and seal plastic wraps for packing your jewelry. 

To keep separate jewelry items, you can keep them in press and seal wraps by putting jewelry items on a sheet and placing a second sheet on top of them. Now press between each item to make individual compartments to make sure nothing gets entangled with each other. Then, lay the sealed sheets flatly on top of your other pieces. 

Can You Use a Soft-Sided or Expandable Suitcase?

Hard shell luggage items may be all the rage for your current time of traveling, but if you are one of those who want to carry everything along with you, you should reconsider. Audrey Kohout, a luggage expert, says that soft-sided luggage bags are the best option to carry more things for your travel because they offer more flexibility and come in different shapes and sizes. 

Another perk of soft-sided suitcases is that they are more durable than complex shell cases, which can get damaged in terms of cracks and can break up more quickly. 

In addition, if you want to take more items for your trip, an expandable suitcase would be another good option to consider to fit the things you want. 

Questions and Answers

How do I pack my suitcase for more space?

First, you have to plan and organize all of your accessories, then work structurally and fill up the corners of a suitcase with small items. Fold and lay your clothes and take in minor things to get more space. Make your things organized, take all necessary things along, and leave them behind that are unimportant. 

What is the 54321 packing method?

The method is to count down your items. So, if you need a mantra to help streamline your wardrobe, use the 54321 rule for a week’s trip. Limit yourself to at most five sets of socks, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes, and one hat. 

Does rolling clothes save space?

Yes, rolling your clothes for packing requires stuffing and storing them within the suitcase. So roll up your clothes, stuff your socks in your shoes, and place some small items in the awkward space where a folded top would not fit. This can offer you ample space in your suitcase. 

Final Verdict

So, to wrap up, the best way to pack your suitcase to maximize space and how to pack your suitcase with different items for traveling is easy if you follow the abovementioned ways. So, no one likes to take things away.

Therefore, a good packing plan begins with avoiding unnecessary items and counting the essential ones. If you are on an international flight, you have to take care of your electronics, clothes according to the climatic conditions of your destination, and medical and toiletries.

How to pack your suitcase becomes very hard for students sometimes as they should take care of their essential documents and necessary items regarding clothes and stationery. In addition, take preventive measures like not exceeding the limits prescribed by the airline and overweighing the heavy luggage in the form of two to three suitcases.  

Furthermore, if you evaluate the space in your suitcase and how much is left behind to take up the items based on length and weight. If you start by grabbing everything and try to pack it all at once, you will be disappointed to notice it won’t fit.