Lufthansa Additional Baggage 2023 Allowance Guide

Lufthansa Additional Baggage

As a seasoned traveler and luggage enthusiast who has roamed the globe extensively, I have encountered my fair share of luggage-related challenges. Today, I’m here to share my expertise on finding the best luggage that meets the requirements of Lufthansa Additional Baggage in 2023. Let’s delve into the world of luggage, examining what truly matters … Read more

Interjet Carry On Luggage Rules Fees

Interjet Carry On

You’ll notice that there are no extra charges for Interjet Carry on luggage for flights with Interjet. Interjet is one of the leading airline carriers based in Mexico that provides passenger service with its low cost carrier brand Interjet. The airline is headquartered in Mexico City. Interjet operates more than 1,000 daily flights to destinations … Read more