Samsonite Cruisair Bold Spinner Suitcase

Samsonite Cruisair is a spinner bag that allows you to carry your belongings with you while still keeping them organized. It’s perfect for those who like to go out during the day and enjoy themselves without carrying a lot of things.

There are many different kinds of bags available in the market. If you’re looking to purchase one, you’ll have to consider several factors. One of the most important is the design whether or not it will fit into your vehicle.

You should also look at how much space it provides. This means that you don’t just want a large amount of storage. But you also want enough room for all of your belongings.

Finally, you should check to see if the material is durable and easy to clean. When you take your trip. You won’t want to be bothered with cleaning your luggage every day. Let’s check them one by one.

Design of Samsonite Cruisair 29 Inch

Samsonite Cruisair Bold Hardside Spinner is an attractive and versatile suitcase. When you need to travel with lots of stuff, you should consider getting one of these suitcases. If you want to keep everything safe and organized, then you will love using this type of bag. You can use it to carry all of your personal items, including clothes and shoes.

You don’t have to worry about losing things in a hard-side case. The wheels are made from metal, so you won’t damage them. Plus, they make moving around much easier than other bags.

Product Dimensions: 29 x 20.5 x 12 inches

Colors: Black and Red

Weight: 14.3 pounds

Storage of Samsonite Cruisair Bold Spinner Suitcase

There is nothing more important than your luggage. When you travel, you need to make sure that you have the right type of luggage so that you don’t get lost on your trip. If you want a good quality bag, then you should consider buying one from Samsonite. This brand has been around for many years, and it’s known for its high-quality products.

Samsonite Cruisair has two main compartments that allow you to keep your belongings separate. The first compartment is made up of a mesh pocket where you can store your mobile phone, wallet, keys, etc. While the second contains another smaller zipped section where you can put your sunglasses, makeup brushes, hair ties, earbuds, and any other small items.

If you want to know how to store your luggage. Then you might like to read the article. How to pack luggage to save space. It explains everything you need to know about storing your luggage.

Features of Samsonite Cruisair

  • The best feature of this suitcase is that it has a hard side. This means that it won’t scratch easily. It also means that you can take it anywhere with you, without worrying about damage.
  • The suitcase comes with wheels. This means that you can roll it around, and you can use it to carry it from place to place.
  • Has top and side carry handles.
  • Integrated TSA lock for added security.
  • Fully lined interiors with zippered compartments and cross straps to hold contents in place.


When it comes to durability, Samsonite makes some of the most durable suitcases in the market today. The Cruisair Bold Hardside Spinner is made of polycarbonate. This material gives you extra protection against scratches and dings.

The most common complaint that people have is that the handles on this style of luggage aren’t very easy to grip. However, you shouldn’t let that discourage you from buying a Samsonite Cruisair. Once you get used to holding onto them, you’ll find that they work perfectly fine.

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