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My Favorite Credit Cards that Aren’t Travel Cards

My husband and I have had a ton of credit cards over the years, mostly due to the fact we have pursued a lot of signup bonuses. We’ve also canceled many of our cards over the years, although there are ones we keep for the long haul. By and large, however, the bulk of our credit cards are travel credit cards and not basic rewards cards.

For the most part, I prefer to earn travel rewards over cash-back. Not only do I tend to get more value out of rewards specific to travel, but I know for a fact I get more bang for my buck when I’m able to transfer points to airline partners.

Still, some of the credit cards I’ve had the longest aren’t travel credit cards at all. Here are my favorite non-travel credit cards:

Chase Freedom

The Chase Freedom card is one of the first rewards credit cards I applied for, and I’ve kept it due to its lucrative rewards categories and the fact there’s no annual fee. Not only do you get a $150 cash bonus when you sign up for this… Read More

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