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How to Tell If the Zoo You’re Looking to Visit Is Ethical

Over the past few years, a question that increasingly divides people’s opinion is that about zoos: “Are they good or bad?”

The reality is that trying to put all zoos and other captive environments into one box isn’t very helpful. Each institution — be it a zoo or sanctuary — needs to be looked at on an individual basis. There are some zoos in the world that are doing absolutely fundamental work in saving species from extinction, and they need as much celebration and support as possible. However, sadly, there are others that are like prisons, exploiting innocent animals, with little or no interest in animal welfare or conservation.

So, when traveling, what are some ways of working out if the zoo you are thinking of visiting is ethical or not?

1. Does It Have Any Form of Accreditation?

Accreditation of zoos generally signifies that the institution maintains the highest standards of care for its animals and provides funding to conservation projects worl… Read More

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