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How to Avoid the World’s Most Expensive Award Tickets

An award chart devaluation (by definition) can never be positive, but there are some that at least make sense. A perfect example of this would be British Airways’ changes to its partner award chart earlier this year. With the exception of flights under 1,152 miles in length — where the carrier still offers some of the best award rates in the industry — no bands went up in cost by more than 10%, and many increased by just 3%. To put it another way, this change isn’t going to make many travelers reconsider using another frequent flyer program instead of Avios to book most awards.

Far too often — especially in the era of dynamic award pricing — we see the exact opposite. Airlines will frequently try and spin new, elevated pricing tiers as “more choice for the consumer,” but every now and then, you come across an award ticket priced so astronomically high that you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry.

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