The 3 Best Travel Bags from Samsonite Over $100


The 3 Best Travel Bags from Samsonite Over $100

Samsonite holds a large portion of the carry-on luggage market in the US. Its name is among the first to be bruited about when someone starts looking for a new travel bag, because of its popularity. While the brand is known for producing some great bargain options, it also offers luggage for those who want something a little better. This is the above-$100 category of travel bags, where you begin to find offerings that will suit even the more frequent travelers.

In the following reviews, we delve into our top 3 picks for the best travel bags from the brand in this category. The selections were made based on value per dollar, maneuverability, sturdiness, spaciousness, suitability (i.e. how well they meet general airline regulations on carry-on dimensions), and looks. The three we have here bested most of their Samsonite siblings in overall scores for the aforementioned criteria, and we’ve broken down our findings on them to help you better choose one from the trio.

Liftwo Spinner 21

The Liftwo 21 is Samsonite’s 21 x 15 x 18 inch carry on, and it weighs a measly 6.5lbs thanks to a durable but lightweight 100% nylon shell. It is lined with fabric inside and is a spinner, with 4 wheels that allow it to go in all directions. It has a zippered closure and multiple compartments, including on its exterior. It is available in blue, orange, red, black, and teal. It has a beveled alloy pull handle, interlocking/kissing zipper heads, and a color-filled and satin-finished logo.


  • Very light
  • Roomy inside
  • Nice quality for something under $150


  • Has a tendency to tip over when full

This is an attractive spinner with some nice details, from the multiple compartments on the outside to the grey ecto-skeletal wheel hubs. It’s sturdy enough that you feel like you can trust it and also handles pretty easily—for as long as it’s not filled, anyway. Some people have found that it tends to be a bit less biddable once it gets heavier, although we didn’t find the same thing ourselves.

Where we did agree with critics was its tendency to tip over, especially when more things were loaded into the exterior compartments. That could be a deal-breaker for some, but this is still a pretty good soft-shell bag, especially with its lightness and storage space.

Inova HS Spinner 20

The Inova is a 20 x 15 x 7.5 inch spinner weighing in at 7.8lbs. Crafted out of pure Makrolon polycarbonate, this hard-shell bag is designed with modernity and strength in mind. It has an attractive brushed finish that reduces scratching and a lined divider inside along with elastic straps for garment restraint. A side handle is built in, and a three-digit TSA lock is included.


  • Makrolon shell is slightly flexible, giving it the ability to take a lot more than you might imagine
  • Extremely durable
  • Beautiful
  • Very light


  • No compartments to speak of
  • Striking (and possibly polarizing) modern looks

This is an outstanding bag from Samsonite—so outstanding that we’re surprised we managed to get it for any price below $200. The only real reasons you could possibly dislike this bag is if you absolutely must have compartments in your carry-on or if you dislike the modern aesthetic in your possessions. As it is, it’s a boxlike bag that expresses modern style very well with its sleek lines and textured surface.

The handles are surprisingly strong—certainly better than most of the handles you see on many competitors—and the wheels are controllable on most surfaces. Like most spinners, they stray a little on thick carpets and very uneven surfaces, but they’re still manageable in the main. The bag is very roomy despite its slim appearance and very tough. Overall, this is a great bag to get.

Silhouette Sphere 2

The Silhouette Sphere 2 is a 21 by 15 by 8 inch spinner bag weighing 8lbs. It gets the “Sphere 2” part of its name from the new wheel design that Samsonite has implemented with it. This uses split spherical wheels where each half of the wheel can move independently of the other half when needed, leading to far better performance on uneven terrain.

The Silhouette has multiple inner and outer compartments with zippers, a zippered main closure, 100% nylon soft-shell construction, and a textured and TPR-coated locking handle. The nylon of its shell is water-resistant thanks to a special coating.


  • Water-resistant coating on the nylon material
  • Excellent wheel performance, thanks to the Sphere 2 wheel technology
  • Quite roomy
  • Great handle


  • May fall outside of carry-on regulations for some airlines
  • Tends to tip over if you have it full and put things in the front compartment

This is yet another superb spinner from Samsonite with great durability and lightness, as well as storage space to spare. It has a lot of compartments—something you may want to note if you’re pro or anti those—and has a very comfortable and secure-feeling handle.

This bag’s real claim to fame and a place in this list, though, is in its wheels. The Sphere 2 technology from Samsonite gives this carry-on some of the best-performing wheels in the world of luggage.

They go straight when you want them to go straight, negotiate even carpet with more grace than the regular spinners, and have the capacity to roll over uneven surfaces without causing trouble.


For the money, our favorite bag when it came to overall performance was the Silhouette, not least because of the Sphere 2 wheels and the overall high-quality build. Not everyone may like it, though, because it is a little on the large side for a carry-on with some airlines.

If you’d rather not take chances there, the Inova is perhaps your best alternative. It’s fairly smooth-moving too, rather stylish, and sufficiently roomy to supply a decent substitute. Of course, most people who don’t like the Silhouette will very likely like the Inova instead because of its hard-shell case and lack of compartments. Our own testers were split over the two, so it may simply boil down to a matter of taste.

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