Does Spirit Care If Your Bag Is 20 Inches?

If you are traveling with Spirit you must know how they are strict and what are their luggage policies? Does Spirit care if your bag is 20 inches? Spirit is extremely strict about personal item size and they will not allow oversized bags on any of their flights.

If you’re flying with Spirit Airlines you might want to avoid bringing more than 15 square inches of personal items in your carry-on bag. If you’re carrying a bag with a size greater than 15 square inches. You may need to check it.

Spirit airlines also state that you are allowed to bring one personal item in your checked luggage. Checked bags can be up to 70 pounds, but only if they are under 48″ x 36″ x 22″.

This size includes all carry-on bags. And any checked bags larger than this size must be packed in a piece of luggage and weighed at the airport. If you have a personal item to check-in. You will need to take it out of your carry-on bag before checking in your checked bag.

Spirit Airlines has a no-charge policy for excess baggage. You can always request for a size change. A carry-on bag can hold up to 15 square inches which is about the size of a standard size laptop.

Spirit Is Strict About Their Personal Item Size Requirements

This company has a strict policy about the minimum size of personal items they accept. They are very clear in their definition of what they want and what they’re not willing to take in return for their services. If you don’t meet their requirements, you won’t even be considered. That’s all part of their strategy for getting the best, most cost-effective workers on board.

When it comes to personal items. Spirit has some very specific ideas. Their list includes:

  • Clothing must fit within one size or smaller.
  • Shoes must fit within two sizes.

If you have more than one item. Spirit will require that they be packed together in a single box and labeled accordingly. Spirit also requires that all items be bagged for protection when in transit. As you can see.

This company has no room for ambiguity. And that means you’ll need to make sure your personal items are prepared properly before you arrive at the airport. When you arrive at the airport. Spirit will collect the items from you and then place them in their secure luggage storage area.

If you want to retrieve your items later. You’ll need to provide Spirit with a shipping address and a credit card number for payment. You can store your personal items until your flight is ready to board. When you arrive at your destination, Spirit will hand deliver your items to your hotel or other location of your choice.

Does Spirit Care If Your Bag Is 20 Inches?

Spirit Does Not Accept Bags That Are Over 20 Inches. Spirit Airlines has made it illegal for passengers to check luggage that is larger than 20 inches. In fact, the airline will confiscate any bag that is over that size and will charge you for the bag in excess of $400.

If your bag is over 20 inches. It will not be accepted. A long bag is not an exception either. Spirit has a strict policy against it. We don’t accept bags that are over 20 inches because it’s hard to find a fitting compartment for the items inside.

Our bags are designed to carry a lot of stuff. So we’ve had to cut down on size and weight. We could do something with bigger bags but it wouldn’t really solve the problem.

The next tip is one that many people might not be familiar with. Some airlines have rules regarding the size of carry-on bags you can take on board the plane.

Airlines have their own guidelines regarding carry-on baggage. But Spirit’s rule is probably the most lenient. If you check your bag online before traveling. You’ll find that their limit is 20 inches. If you’re traveling with an over-sized bag that extends past that limit. You’re likely to get a fine.

Does Spirit allow a bag that is 20 inches?

Spirit does allow a bag that is 20 inches in one dimension but is 20 inches across the top. The bag is bigger than the top opening. The top opening is 16 x 16 inches. The same as the bottom opening. This means that the bag is wider and taller than the bag top. Because the opening is bigger than the bag top.

It is possible to fit the bag inside a standard 16-inch carry-on bag. But the Spirit bag has a special handle on the top. The handle enables the user to hold the bag open like a suitcase rather than having to fold the bag over itself.

Spirit can be folded into a small bundle that is just big enough to fit in a checked bag. The Spirit is a great bag for business travelers. It is durable and can be carried easily.

The fabric is water resistant and will not get wet from rain or other moisture. It is also comfortable to carry.

The Spirit is available in three colors: black, olive drab, and khaki. It is manufactured by Spirit Equipment, Inc., a company based in Houston, Texas.

Spirit Does Not Allow Larger Bags Than A Handbag

Spirit Airlines’ bag policy is no secret, but just in case there’s any doubt, here are the three rules that apply to all their passengers:

There are three rules for carry-on luggage.

(1) No larger than a handbag

(2) No more than two checked bags

(3) Carry-ons only, no duffel bags

Spirit Allows a purse if it is 20 inches on one side and 22 inches across the top

We’ve all seen those bags that are just a little too big to be called a purse. They’re sort of like an oversized satchel. The problem with these bags. However is that they tend to look like they should belong in a museum. If your bag isn’t a true handbag. It needs to communicate a message of quality.

We’d recommend that you stick to a classic shape that is 20 inches on one side and 22 inches across the top. This size is the most versatile, allowing you to carry your essentials, a jacket, and even your lunch box.

Does Spirit Care If Your Bag Is 20 Inches Or a Clutch Bag?

Spirit will only allow a small clutch bag. If the clutch itself is 20 inches by 20 inches. Small clutch bags are fashionable because they are versatile. Small clutch bags can be carried on the shoulder or the hand. It doesn’t really matter where you keep them when not in use.

However a small clutch bag should not exceed a 20 inches by 20 inches. These dimensions are critical for the reason of comfort and practicality. When small clutch bags become too large. They become inconvenient to carry. They also can become a nuisance in crowds. This is why the size of your clutch should be limited by the size of your hand.