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Why I Gave Up Airline Loyalty

A few years ago, I managed to earn American AAdvantage Gold status — a feat I never thought possible. Due to a series of strange events, most of my travel was concentrated on American Airlines that year. I earned this status through flying with the airline, which is pretty crazy considering I usually pay for flights with airline miles instead of cash.

For the year and a half I had status, I was pretty stoked. I did get a handful of automatic upgrades on flights under 500 miles, and I scored a few upgrades on domestic First class I didn’t even earn. I also cashed in my 500-mile upgrade certificates strategically, ensuring that my husband and I had cozy seats for one of our many flights to the Caribbean.

I Don’t Care About Status

But when American Airlines emailed earlier this year to see if I wanted to renew my status for 2019, I almost laughed. I mean, they wanted me to pay $699!

No way were the benefits of Gold status worth anything close to that. I proba… Read More

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