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Why Don’t More Hotels Charge Early Check-In Fees?

Let me start by saying that this post isn’t intended to give hotels any ideas. Rather it’s meant to talk about a situation I recently faced, and how I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

We all know that there’s a lot of nickel-and-diming in the hotel industry. Just look at the resort, destination, and facility “fees” that we’ve seen added at so many hotels.

Along those lines, I’m surprised most hotels don’t try to better monetize early check-in.

Most Hotels Will Let You Check-In Early

All hotels have published check-in and check-out times. I find that a vast majority of hotels will let you check-in early at no extra cost, as long as a room is available.

How early can you check-in? It varies, but generally once the night audit is done (in the early hours of the morning) front desk agents are capable of checking you in, pending availability.

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