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Which Credit Cards Should You Use for Airbnb?

While it’s always nice to redeem hotel points for free stays around the world, there are times when staying in a hotel is impractical. You may be traveling with children, which can sometimes make it difficult to find award space in hotels that sleep more than two people to a room. And for longer trips, there are times when you want some living space to spread out in and a kitchen to cook in.

These reasons and others are why I almost always book Airbnbs or rental condos for our long family vacations. Not only do I like to have extra space to spread out, but I am very much against sleeping four-deep in a single hotel room with my two children.

While I’m happy to book Airbnb rentals, condos through, places through, or even condos and rental homes through Chase Ultimate Rewards, there are several cards I use for these stays. Here are my favorites and another card I think works well for Airbnbs and condo rentals in general.

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