Carry On Luggage

Where you can save time using Clear outside of the airport

“I’m so glad I get to spend lots of extra time waiting in line,” said no one ever.

Time is money, and Clear offers its members, well, a clear way to save time both in and outside of the airport. This expedited security program is one of our favorite tools for breezing through airport security in a flash — often even faster than travelers flying through using just TSA PreCheck. And you can even use it when you’re collecting your rental car with Hertz Fast Lane at some Hertz rental car airport locations.

But this isn’t only an airport tool, as registered Clear members can utilize their fast-lane privileges outside of the travel space as well.

These days, stadiums and event centers have increasingly strict rules and regulations to keep the general public safe. Security requirements evolve each year, such as limiting visitors to see-through bags and totes under a certain size or banning outside food, beverages and cameras with detacha… Read More

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