Carry On Luggage

What’s the Best Way to Share Lounge Access With My Spouse or Family Member?

“Reader Questions” are answered twice a week by TPG Senior Points & Miles Contributor Ethan Steinberg.

More and more credit cards these days are offering some form of airport lounge benefit, often in the form of a Priority Pass Select membership. While most cards will allow you to bring in a couple of guests or your immediately family free of charge, there isn’t an easy way to transfer your membership to a spouse or family member if you’re traveling separately. TPG reader Chad wants to know what his best options are for sharing his newfound lounge access with his wife …

I recently opened the Amex Platinum card and my wife is looking to take advantage of the airport lounge benefits on her upcoming business trip. Should I add her as an authorized user on my account? Let her take my card and hope they don’t check the name too closely? Or simply open one up in her name? She was also targeted for t… Read More

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