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What I’m thankful for: 12 travel blessings this Thanksgiving

I have enjoyed a blessed life. There is really no other way to describe it. This fortunate existence did not derive from a privileged financial background but rather from a combination of good family, good friends, good health, a good hometown environment and a positive outlook on life. In other words, I have drawn a royal flush in the things that can truly make or break a person’s quality of living.

This good fate has even stretched its propitious tentacles into our travel experiences.

Even when I was a youngster, our family trips were favored with good weather and lasting memories. Our vacations stood in stark contrast to a relative’s sojourns that seemed to always include rain and the travels of a family friend that were usually more travails than treasures. As a young adult and through my now-senior status, my journeys have usually had ideal conditions and pleasant outcomes.

(I am not overly superstitious but I will admit that, when writing this … Read More

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