Black Victorinox Architechture 3.0 San Marco Cabin Trolley

The Victorinox Architecture 3.0 is all about the customer experience and about giving them the tools to express themselves.

That’s why love using Victorinox Swiss Army bags. They’re made from stainless steel and have a built-in pen. The bag has a pocket on the side for extra storage and the cap on the end doubles as a bottle opener.

Whether it’s a small one to carry our keys or a larger one to hold our laptop. We can’t seem to do without it. But what if you could take a classic design like the Swiss Army Knife and give it a makeover? Well, you can thank Victorinox Architecture Bag 3.0.

What Makes The Victorinox Bag So Different?

Victorinox is one of the most well-known Swiss brand names and is known worldwide for its quality products. Their bags are just as famous.

Victorinox introduced a bag that was designed to stand up to harsh conditions and rugged outdoor environments. The new product named the Field Pocket was inspired by Victorinox’s experience traveling around the world for business purposes.

The result was a product that could withstand all sorts of tough situations without getting damaged.

Design and Construction

The Victorinox bag is made up of seven different materials and five separate pieces. The top of the bag is a fabric lining that is attached to a plastic bottom.

The sides are made up of flexible material with a thin rubberized strap to hold it closed. The body is a hard plastic shell with a foldable flap and a lock mechanism. The zipper closes in the middle while a drawstring and a button secure it at the top.

Carry It In Style

When you’re carrying around a lot of stuff in your bag. It can get pretty heavy. With the Victorinox bag. There’s no worry about that since it’s designed to be light. It’s also completely functional. These love that there are several pockets inside the bag allowing for organization and the ability to carry just the things you need at any given time.

You will want to carry The Victorinox bag in style because you want people to see that you have the bag and that you are someone who is well-traveled and carries a bag that reflects your personality. So the most popular bags have been given a new identity with some changes in their appearance.

How Does it Work?

Victorinox uses a variety of tactics to make the product more convenient to use. The company places the most used items at the top of the pack making the bag easy to grab when you need one. It also makes the bag small enough to easily carry around while you’re out and about.

Additionally, the company uses a clever way to present the product using a design that allows the bag to display itself. When you look at the bag’s surface. You see the words “Victorinox” spelled out and you can see the bag open and close just as if someone were using it.

To understand how it works. You first need to know the bag is not a wallet. But rather a multi-purpose bag. It holds many things, including cash, credit cards, coin, and keys. You can put your wallet into this bag and carry it around like any other accessory.

However, when you take it off. Your wallet will be safe inside the Victorinox because of its protective zipper and button closure system.