Trunkster Suitcase Review

The Trunkster Suitcase bag is an extremely useful everyday bag. You can use it when you’re on the go and need to carry a lot of things around with you.

The Trunkster is one of the most popular travel bags around. Trunkster suitcase is great but the real star is the trunkster. The trunkster is a suitcase that fits in the trunk of a car. You can put stuff in the trunk of your car in a fraction of the space of a regular suitcase. When you get home. You can take all your stuff out of the trunk and put it in your closet.

What is a Trunkster Suitcase?

A trunkster suitcase is a piece of luggage with wheels at both ends designed for people who are often on the move. When you’re on the road having your belongings with you and being able to roll it around easily becomes essential and trunkster luggage makes this possible.

What Makes It Stand Out From Other Suitcases?

The suitcase builds to take its owners anywhere they go. Not only are there plenty of roomy compartments.But Trunkster suitcases makes from nylon ensuring that it’ll hold up to rough travel.

It has a built-in carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap giving travelers the freedom to move around while holding onto their luggage. And the Trunkster has a patented design that allows travelers to collapse the top part of the suitcase down flat to save space on an airplane or at a hotel. The Trunkster has been designed and tested to withstand the rigors of traveling. With this in mind.You can always count on the Trunkster to deliver.

How Do You Pack a Trunkster Suitcase?

A trunkster suitcase is a suitcase with wheels and a handle that lets you move it easily around. So what happens when you start packing and find you haven’t gotten everything in there?

When packing a trunks suitcase. It helps to break down what you need into different categories. Use packing cubes or luggage labels to keep track of everything. Start with the bottom of the suitcase. Make sure to label every piece of clothing with its size. Next separate items into two piles: travel and non-travel. After that organize everything by color. Finally, take out all of your clothes and sort them by type: day outfits, travel outfits, night outfits, etc.


The original Trunkster suitcases are sturdy and of good value. First, the Trunkster is a heavier suitcase. So when I traveled with it. It was a little more difficult to lift and carry. Second, although it does fit all of my clothes. It’s not the most spacious suitcase and I had trouble finding space to pack my larger items such as shoes and other accessories. And finally, the Trunkster isn’t really designed for travel–in fact, you’ll probably be more likely to bring it along on a trip than actually use it to transport your clothing, Rockland Suitcase

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