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Travel Fail: Budgeting in Copenhagen Gone Wrong

When I was planning our trip to Norway for June of this year, we decided to tack on an additional four nights in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our cruise ended there so staying longer made chronological sense, but we also found that flying home several days later cost a lot less on Icelandair.

We had never been to Denmark before either, so I figured we would turn it into a little side trip to see what the country has to offer. From there, I set out on a journey to find lodging and things to do during our extra time. Unfortunately, finding an affordable way to enjoy Denmark wasn’t easy.

The High Costs of Travel in Denmark

One of the biggest problems of travel in Denmark is the 25% VAT tax added to purchases tourists make — food in restaurants, hotels, and rental cars, for example. But this problem was only compounded by the fact that prices in Denmark were already extremely high.

We ultimately wanted to stay in Copenhagen as our home base, and we wound up booking an A… Read More

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