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This Crazy Referral Offers Put on by Sofi

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a new player in the financial marketplace make some pretty incredible offers to us consumers. The company name is SoFi and they have been around since 2014 primarily focusing on issuing student loans. They have now expanded into a banking account of sorts and also an investment account, both with some remarkable sign-up bonuses and nice in-app features.

SoFi Money offers an account where they pay 1.6% on your balances, charge NO ATM fees anywhere in the world and if you open an account they give you a $50 Welcome bonus on your $100 initial deposit.

SoFi Invest offers a $100 Welcome Bonus when you open an investment account with a $1000 deposit. They buy fractional shares of about 100 stocks, mutual funds and ETF’s if your deposit is not big enough to buy full shares. You can set up automatic deposits into the Invest account of Money account and they will post in short order. I have both accounts and am extremely happy wi… Read More

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