The Topo Daypack Review

A backpack is an essential piece of gear for any adventure lover and the Topo Daypack is perfect for anyone who loves to travel light.

The Topo Backpacking Backpack is a lightweight comfortable backpack designed for hiking and backpacking adventures. It builds from tough with a frame made of 420D nylon and waterproof, breathable fabric that keeps your gear dry and protected.

It features an adjustable harness with three zippered side pockets. One large mesh pocket on the front. And two hip belts to keep things organized. And it’s the perfect size for a weekend excursion or an extended camping trip. This pack comes with everything you need to take on a day hike or backpacking adventure.

A Short Overview Of The New Topo

Nowadays we all have multiple bags laptop bags, phone cases, etc. But we rarely ever use our laptop bags. Everyone finds themselves looking for a small, light, comfortable, and stylish laptop bag and found it in the Topo Daypack.

This bag is really compact and it allows us to carry my laptop without feeling like Everyone can carry around a heavy backpack. This bag is perfect because it has lots of pockets and compartments for storing items.

What Makes The Topo Different Than Other Bags?

While the most obvious difference between a Topo bag and the typical backpack is that the Topo uses a frame rather than straps to hold it together. There are a lot of other differences. You can carry The Topo bags on your back across your chest on your hip or slung over your shoulder.

They make from out of materials that will hold up to heavy use and they design to be light and comfortable. These are just some of the many reasons the Topo bags are better than anything else out there.

The Topo’s Features That Make It Unique

The Topo Daypack bag itself is designed to be used as a day pack and to hold items such as maps, sunscreen, water bottle, phone, and other essentials that people need on their outdoor adventures.

It features two main zippered pockets one large pocket and another smaller zippered pocket to hold items such as keys and other small items. The bag comes in two sizes small and large.

The large size weighs approximately 2.8 pounds and measures 22 inches long and 12 inches wide. The small size weighs approximately 1.5 pounds and measures 14 inches long and 10 inches wide.

Will I Be Able To Fit Everything I Need?

It’s a lightweight bag that fits everything you need for a day of hiking without weighing you down. It has all the stuff you’ll need for a day hike, and some of it even fits in it. It has a little bit of space. But it’s very well organized and everything is easy to access. There’s nothing complicated about it. The zippers hide on the inside so it’s not as obvious as a backpack and there are no outside pockets.


The Topo Daypack is equipped with a hydration bladder, water filter, two liters of drinking water, a rain cover, a mini stove, a solar panel charger, and an integrated headlamp. This kit gives you everything you need to survive anywhere all while looking good.


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