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The Best Credit Cards to Have in Your Pocket When Traveling Overseas

Are you looking for a new travel companion that will pay you back with robust rewards, open the doors to exclusive perks and answer the phone if you hit a snag during a visit to a foreign country? It may be time to track down a new credit card that’s built for travel lovers. There’s no reason why the card you use for everyday spending shouldn’t also provide the perks, adaptability and customer service that can give you confidence when you travel. Here are some big things to know when choosing a travel-friendly credit card:

Foreign transaction fees can cancel out your awards if you’re not vigilant.
Poor customer service can cause a real nightmare if something goes wrong while you’re traveling.
Not every card is accepted everywhere!
You can actually use more than one card for travel to make sure you’re always covered.
You can often make the most out of travel rewards if you’re willing to remain brand loyal by booking your trips using a card&#… Read More

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