The 3 Best Carry On Suitcase Options from TravelPro

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The 3 Best Carry On Suitcase Options from TravelPro

TravelPro is among the more recognizable names in luggage manufacture, and it’s often a top choice for people seeking new travel bags. Its product range is considerable, though, so if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you may end up getting mired in all the choices. To help you there, we’ve gone over the brand’s current line of carry on suitcases, culling the best from the rest.

The three items below are the best carry on suitcase options we found from the brand. They make the grade because they handle well, look good, and store capably—all without going over what most would still consider reasonable prices. They do belong to different price ranges, though, with the cheapest just being slightly over $100, the most expensive being slightly over $200, and the other one under $200. That should account for the different budgets buyers may have while still offering quality options and a lifetime warranty from the brand.

MaxLite 3 International Carry-on Spinner

This is a soft-side spinner with a shell made of pure polyester and a honeycomb frame to give it structure. It measures 22 by 13 by 9 inches and will thus meet most domestic and many international guidelines on carry-on size. The 4 multidirectional wheels are housed in guards that protect them from corners and crashes. It has an aluminum handle with 2 locking positions (42.5 and 38 inches) and a contoured, rubberized grip, and also has a full-length interior lid pocket as well as a side pocket for accessories. There are compression straps inside it.


  • Very light (it’s only 6lbs)
  • Wheels perform well and feel sturdy
  • Sleek, handsome style
  • High-quality construction


  • Won’t make some international requirements for carry-ons
  • Sometimes tips over (depends on how you filled it, though)

This may be the cheapest entry in our list, but it’s far from a low-quality one. This is a subtly attractive bag that’s made with a lot of attention to detail, from the contoured grip in the handle down to the beautifully tame wheels.

It’s rather roomy—although this can be a problem given that some airlines find it too big for their carry-on standards—and can fit a surprising lot of things in its sleek-looking frame. It’s also very durable-feeling. We barely made ours look used after several tests. Overall, it’s a great bag for a surprisingly low price given its performance.

Platinum Magna 21-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter

The Platinum Magna measures 22.5 by 15 by 10 inches and weighs only 7.6lbs thanks to its lightweight nylon and Duraframe construction. The latter refers to a technology that allows TravelPro to form this bag around a single-piece frame, meaning extra durability and superior lightness as the need for added weight from fasteners and braces is obviated.

The Platinum Magna also boasts TravelPro’s Magnatrac technology, which uses magnets in the spinner wheels to help keep the bag on track once you begin pulling it in a particular direction. It also has a contoured rubberized handle atop a telescoping aluminum frame. It also has 2 external compartments and a side handle.


  • Very light
  • Includes a suiter
  • Superb wheeling performance
  • Very comfortable handle


  • A tendency to tip over if you put something substantial in the front pocket
  • The wheels’ readiness to roll can be a problem if you’re not watching where you put it

This is the most expensive option in this list, but it’s actually still an amazing one for its cost. This has to be one of the easiest-to-use travel bags you will ever run into, from its maneuverability all the way down to its exterior compartments.

It’s very rare when you can say that a carry-on feels good to roll after you, but you can say that of this one—both the wheels and handle are in your favor and there’s hardly any resistance or unruliness.

Of course, the lack of brakes does mean you have to be careful not to put the bag on an incline or it will run away from you. Other than that, this is a genuinely superb bag, with the usual subtle TravelPro beauty and great construction.

Crew 10 21-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter

The Crew 10 is a nylon carry-on suitcase and suiter with a case measuring 21 by 14 by 9 inches. It weighs only 8lbs and uses the same Magnatrac wheel technology that the Platinum Magna does (described above).

It also has the same contoured handle, with stops at the 42.5 inch and 38 inch levels. Multiple compartments—including a full-length zip inside the lid, a mesh pocket, and a zippered wet pocket—can be found in the bag, along with garment straps.


  • Very smooth wheels
  • Comfortable handle
  • Great quality
  • Interior is roomy and has a good number of compartments


  • A bit on the bulky side for most TravelPros
  • A bit tippy
  • Can roll away from your easily (like the other Magnatrac-using model here)

TravelPro uses its Magnatrac tech to good effect in this model too, which actually costs just a little less than the Platinum Magna. The listed 21-inch height measurement is actually for the case alone, so be prepared to add an inch or two for the real dimensions—it should fit most domestic and international rules anyway. This is another well-made and good-looking spinner from the brand that really should be priced higher considering its value.


We loved all of these bags, but we actually preferred the Platinum Magna a little more over the others. It just feels easier to use—even over the other Magnatrac-using bag here—and a little better made than the other two, on the whole.

That said, it’s perfectly understandable if you can’t spring for its cost. In that case, the MaxLite 3 should serve you adequately too, and will also shave half off the price so that you can more easily get it if you’re on a budget.

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