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Second Cities: The best destinations to visit from Amsterdam

Welcome to TPG’s Second Cities series, where we help you find amazing places that are only a couple of hours away from your original destination. This way you get the most out of your itinerary and visit less-popular or less-frequented destinations that deserve more attention.

Roughly 20 million visitors descend on Amsterdam each year to tour world-class cultural attractions like the Rijksmuseum, pedal across picturesque bridges alongside the city’s iconic canals and bask in that feeling the Dutch call gezellig. (Loosely translated as “cozy,” it’s fundamental to the culture of the Netherlands and you’ll hear the word used everywhere.)

All those people arriving in Amsterdam, however, means that overtourism is real in this beautiful European city. After you navigate the crowds to see what you’ve come to see in Amsterdam, hop a train out of the city to check out these interesting second cities.


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