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One Phrase You Should Stop Using If You Use Points and Miles

Travel credit cards let you earn points and miles that can be used to save money on travel or pay for exorbitant travel expenses most couldn’t normally afford. I have personally redeemed miles for airfare and hotel stays that would have cost me thousands of dollars, and for that I am forever grateful.

But I still get sick to my stomach when I read headlines that say things like: “I Traveled to Bora Bora for $200!” or “Learn How I Got This $20,000 Vacation for $272!”

Sometimes authors don’t get to choose their headlines, and I get that. But these headlines still send the wrong message. Travel rewards can help you save money, but they don’t make travel free.

Travel Expenses You Will Have to Pay For

No matter what some blogger says about how they traveled to a far-flung destination for a few hundred bucks, it’s important to take their story with a grain of salt. Sure, they might have packed their suitcase with snacks and subsisted off free break… Read More

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