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My Italy Trip Recap (and My Favorite Rewards Redemptions)

I recently got back from a ten-day trip in Italy with my husband, my best friend, and her husband. It was my bestie’s 40th birthday and they have never been to Italy before. We wanted to see the popular sights, but we also wanted to drink limoncello, do a lot of people watching, and have a ton of fun.

We definitely accomplished our goals, starting our trip in Rome and ending in Venice. While we mostly paid in cash (especially for food and entertainment), I did use points and miles to stretch our travel budget further. Here are some of my favorite redemptions we made to get to Italy and enjoy the scenery while we were there.

We cashed in 57,500 American AAdvantage miles to fly Business class from Indianapolis-Rome.

We forked over some extra miles to fly Business class for the overnight flight to Italy, hoping we could get some sleep. I don’t think I slept more than a few hours, but I know I was infinitely more comfortable flight 8+ hours in a lie-flat seat versus … Read More

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