How To Hide Stuff In a Backpack? – Pro Tips

One of the things that Stuff In a Backpack have to worry about is how to hide their stuff. It can be hard to keep track of everything when you’re on the move, and you don’t want to leave your valuable belongings susceptible to theft.

There are plenty of places to stash your goods. I will be sharing the hiding stuff hacks that will reduce the risk of getting your valuable things taken. Let’s start with a few tips on how to hide your stuff in a backpack to keep them safe.

10 Best Tips For How To Hide Stuff In A Backpack While Traveling?

1. Use The Small Pockets Inside The Main Compartment.

These pockets are usually hidden behind a panel and are perfect for smaller items like keys, money, or lip balm.

2. Stuff Items In The Spaces Between The Backpack Panels.

This is a great option if you don’t have any small pockets inside the main compartment. Just be careful that whatever you put in there doesn’t rattle around or make too much noise.

3. Put Heavier Items At The Bottom Of The Backpack And Lighter Items On Top.

Hiding things is a skill that all backpackers need to know. Whether you’re hiding your money from thieves or your weed from the cops. The bottom of the backpack is the best place to hide things. This is especially true if you’re using a backpack with a false bottom.

4. Another Good Place To Hide Things Is In The Straps Of The Pack.

You can easily tuck cash, drugs, or other small items into the straps without anyone noticing. Cut out parts of the back of your backpack so you can store things in there, too. You can tuck a wallet into the straps and then put it in an empty pocket on the pack’s back.

5. If You Really Want To Keep Your Belongings Hidden

You can also try stuffing them into the waistband of your pants or inside your shoes. Just be careful not to let anything fall out when you’re walking around.

6. Some People Have Found That You Can Hide Things In Your Shoes

This is especially true if you wear tennis shoes or other types of small, low-cut shoes. You could also buy a pair of flip flops with pockets in the soles.

7. Add a False Bottom:

If you want to hide small items, You can add a false bottom to your pack. One way is to cut out a piece of fabric and put it over the bottom of the pack. Another way is to use a plastic bag or an old sock. Put the pack on and tuck the false bottom inside. If you want to hide small items.

8. Add a False Top

If you want to hide large items, You can add a false top to your pack. One way is to cut out a piece of fabric and put it over the top of the pack. Another way is to use a plastic bag or an old sock. Put the pack on and tuck the false top inside.

For backpackers, it is important to learn how to hide their belongings so that they can keep them safe. It can be hard to know where to put your stuff or how to keep it hidden, but with a little bit of practice. 

9. Use Compartments:

You can use compartments in your pack to organize and store items. Here are some ideas:  Place your smaller items in a zippered compartment.  Use outside pockets to separate small items that you want easy access to like a pen or flashlight. Use a toiletry bag to separate your small items and store it in the outside pocket.

How To Make A Hidden Compartment In A Backpack?

One way to make a hidden compartment in a backpack is by using a zipper. First, cut a hole in the fabric of the backpack where you would like the compartment to be. Then, sew a zipper into the hole. Finally, use a seam ripper to cut the threads that are holding the zipper in place.

10. Use Zippers

Zippers are great to organize your gear because they allow you to open up compartments when needed. You can also use zippers to organize different sizes of gear. For example, You can use a large zipper to separate your sleeping bag from your clothes and shoes. Use a small zipper to separate food items, like snacks or toiletries.

FAQ On How To Hide Stuff In a Backpack

There are a variety of ways to hide items in a backpack. Let’s discuss the faqs about hiding stuff in a backpack.

How To Hide Valuables While Traveling?

When traveling, there are many things to keep in mind. One important thing to remember is how to protect your valuables. Here are a few tips for hiding your valuables while traveling: 

  1. Hide your valuables in plain sight. This means placing them in an obvious spot where someone wouldn’t think to look. For example, you can hide your money inside a book or inside a shoe.
  2. Use a money belt or a hidden pouch. A money belt or hidden pouch will protect your valuables from being stolen. When you are wearing a money belt, your valuables are still easily accessible but they will be slightly concealed under your clothes. A hidden pouch will completely conceal your valuables.
  3. Hide your valuables in a container that is easily found. For example, if you have gold jewelry, put it in a hollowed-out book or shoe. If you have a large amount of money, put it in an envelope or in a small book.

What Is a Hidden Money Belt?

A hidden money belt is a device worn around the waist that is used to conceal money, credit cards, or other valuables. They are often made of cloth or leather and are designed to be worn under clothing. Money belts are popular among tourists and travelers who want to protect their belongings while they are away from home.


There are a few different ways that you can hide your belongings while you’re backpacking. By using a combination of these methods. You’ll be able to keep your things safe and secure while you explore new and exciting places. Don’t let theft or loss ruin your trip. Be smart about where and how you store your belongings.