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How Did US Airlines Do In The First Quarter Of 2019?

We’re now well into the second quarter, and almost all US airlines have revealed their first quarter results, and have had their earnings calls. Sometimes it’s interesting to take a look at the state of the US airline industry, and how airlines are doing.

This isn’t intended to be a deep dive into US airline financials, but rather a big-picture look at how airlines are doing comparatively, across a variety of factors.

Keep in mind that different airlines have dealt with different challenges, from 737 MAX groundings, to major weather, to the government shutdown, and the impact of those issues have varied by carrier.

Comparing net income for major US airlines

Let’s take a quick look at reported net income for the first quarter for major US airlines:

Delta — $730 million
Southwest — $387 million
United — $292 million
American — $185 million
Allegiant — $57 million
Spirit — $56 million
JetBlue — … Read More

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