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Hilton Is Testing Confirmed Suite Upgrades

Any luxury hotel cardholder will tell you that part of the appeal of climbing the ranks of a hotel loyalty program is the guaranteed room upgrade. For members of the highest tier, that upgrade includes suites. Marriott and Hyatt are well-known for their confirmed suite upgrade awards to elite loyalty members. This is a huge perk, especially if you will be traveling with your family and need to know in advance if you will be accommodated in a suite.

At last, Hilton will be joining its competitors in awarding its members the same elite benefit. The brand is currently testing a pilot program where select Diamond elite members can confirm a suite upgrade at the time of booking. If the program goes well, Hilton plans to unveil it publicly for all users later in 2019. With the absorption of SPG into Marriott Bonvoy, this new feature could give Hilton a serious edge over competitors, increasing its value and attraction to consumers.

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