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Handmaid’s Tale Is Renewed for a 4th Season — Make Sure You’re Using the Right Credit Card to Pay for It

“Handmaid’s Tale” fans rejoice! Hulu has announced that Offred & Co. will be back for a fourth season.

This is a win for Hulu, as its current top competitor Netflix has taken a number of losses recently with “Friends” moving to HBO Max and “The Office” moving to NBC Universal’s streaming service in 2020. With a new streaming service being announced seemingly every other day, some people are taking a hard look at their subscriptions and trimming costs. Considering the cult following “Handmaid’s Tale” has amassed over the past three seasons, a fourth is enough to convince many to hold onto their Hulu subscriptions.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to have so many streaming services in your arsenal, I have some good news for you. As streaming has become more popular, multiple credit cards have started offering select streaming services as a bonus category.

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