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Everything you need to know about American Airlines 500-mile upgrades

Everyone loves a free upgrade. And if you’re an American Airlines elite looking to get upgraded on a flight within North America, you’re going to want to understand how the airline’s “500-mile upgrade” system works. While it may seem self-explanatory — after all, “500-mile” is in the name — the system has quirks and conditions that you’ll want to know about.

So, let’s dive in and show you how this program works:


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Earning 500-mile upgrades

American Airlines AAdvantage Gold and Platinum elite status holders receive four “500-mile upgrades” for every 12,500 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) earned.

AAdvantage Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum elites don’t accumulate or use 500-mile upgrades as these elites have unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades through the 500-mile upgrade system.

There’s no pro-rating; you must cross the 12,500 EQM th… Read More

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