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Discounted Universal Orlando Packages Available for One Day Only

More than 20 million visitors flock to the Universal Orlando Resorts every year, and pretty much all of them are looking for ways to save money on their vacation. And that’s for good reason. A one-day base ticket to hop between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure — which is the only way to see all of the Harry Potter attractions — can cost over $200 per ticket (that’s pricier than Disney World).

Since most families need more than one ticket, and might want to visit more than one day (or add things like Express Passes), the price tag can get scary in a hurry. While there are ways to use points and decrease the cost of a trip to Universal Orlando 365 days per year, certain cash-saving deals are only available on one day per year.

On Tuesday, May 28, there’s a one-day opportunity to purchase some Universal packages via the annual Daily Getaways sale. Most of these deals can represent money savings opportunities for the right set of cir… Read More

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