Can a Cardboard Box Be Checked as Luggage?

The cardboard box is one of those items that you can never get rid of. It’s so versatile and useful. There are so many ways to pack it. But the question is can a cardboard box be checked as luggage? We all have a cardboard box lying around, and if it’s big enough. It can make great carry-on luggage for air travel.

You can pack a week’s worth of clothes into a small cardboard box. It’s a great alternative to a suitcase. That will keep your belongings safe.

A Brief History Of Cardboard Boxes

Boxes aren’t the only items that have had a history.  Cardboard boxes have a rough history. Cardboard boxes were once made from the same material as milk jugs. The problem is that these boxes were not waterproof and could easily break.

In the early 1900s, the first waterproof boxes were invented. These were called “fish boxes” because of their resemblance to fish. Boxes have come a long way since then, and you can find them in almost any retail store. You can buy them by the pallet and stack them on your shelves.

Can I Use a Cardboard Box as Checked Luggage?

The cardboard box is not necessarily ideal luggage. It’s not very durable So, Its not good for keeping your belongings clean. If you’re only going to be traveling by train or car, however, using a cardboard box as checked luggage is perfectly fine.

What Size Box Can You Check on a Plane?

If you are flying somewhere, you can check the size of your luggage box. Many people like to carry only one small suitcase. If you do this. You will need a small box.

In some cases, They even give you a smaller box than what you actually need. Therefore you need to know exactly what size you need and what kind of box you need before going to the airport.

Once you are there, You can check which box will fit your suitcase. The boxes are marked with different colors to indicate their sizes. So, You should know what color box is the best size for your suitcase.

How To Pack a Cardboard Box to Avoid Damage?

Before you pack your cardboard box. You should first wrap the cardboard box in plastic sheeting.

After that, You should tie the plastic sheeting tightly around the cardboard box to protect it from damage. You can also fold the plastic sheeting over several times to make sure that it doesn’t rip or tear.

Once the cardboard box is wrapped in plastic sheeting. You should place it in a cool place and store it until it is needed. It’s important to make sure that you use a box that has been approved by the manufacturer.

Items To Avoid Packing In a Cardboard Box

Make sure that everything that you pack in your box is clean and dry. If you pack it then make sure that it is safe for others to use. Pack it in a way that no one else can find out what you packed.

Make sure that you are packing the right items. Make sure that you are packing your luggage in a way that will protect it during your trip.

Can a Cardboard Box Be Checked as luggage? Or Can I Use a Cardboard Box as a Carry-On?

If you want to bring a large item then you should pack it in a box. This can prevent the item from getting damaged. Also if your bag gets wet. It is easier to get the item dry when you are in a box.

You can also pack small items in the boxes. You don’t have to carry around the whole box. Just bring the box along with you and use it as a carry-on.

Airlines That Allow Cardboard Box as a Checked Bag

There are many airlines that allows a cardboard box as a checked bag. But the airlines have strict rules about checked bags. So, if you want to bring a lot of luggage with you. Then you should follow strict rules.

For example: if you bring a box or suitcase with you on the plane. It must be less than 45 inches high and 30 inches wide. You can also check-in a box or suitcase. But you should pay a fee for this.

Also, if you don’t use the bag in the airport, You have to pay an extra fee for it. If you are not sure whether your airline allows a box as a checked bag or not. You can contact their helpline to ask them.

Final Thoughts

If you want to use a cardboard box to check your luggage, you’ll need to make sure that it meets the requirements of the airline you’re flying on.

The cardboard box can be checked as luggage. But it should comply with the rules and regulation of the airline  If the box is checked as baggage. The passenger is responsible for the box until it reaches its final destination.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If the box is in transit, the passenger is not liable for the contents of the box.