Best Concealed Carry Backpacks & Bags

If you need a gun for self-defense in case anything occurs while you’re out and about. A disguised carry backpacks or bag solves this problem. If you want to purchase one, you’ve come to the correct place!

Here’s a rundown of the finest concealed carry backpacks and bags reviewed in this article:

1. Heather Reef/Colonial Blue Vertex Gamut 2.0 Backpack

Carry Backpacks

Vertx has long been regarded as the premier manufacturer of concealed carry backpacks, and with good reason. We’ve had the opportunity to work with their design team, and they are a bunch of highly clever individuals that invest a lot of thought, time, R&D, and effort into producing a quality product.

The sleek style and simple look of the Vertx Gamut 2.0 disguise the possibilities given by this full-featured rifle-friendly gear transporter. The focus is on effective loadout organization and easy access to your weaponry, making it equally competent on the trail and the city streets.

2. Entity 21 of Maxpedition

Entity 21 of Maxpedition

Since 2003, Maxpedition has been recognized for its high-quality bags. They provide anything from pocket organizers to 35-liter packs in their comprehensive array of bags.

The Maxpedition Entity 21 seems to be a school/professional bag. It lacks the characteristic military aesthetics and feels that Maxpedition is known for.

With a capacity of 21 liters, Entity 21 is a smaller member of the Entity range. Other Entity bags come in 16, 23, and 27-liter sizes.

Made of Kodra 500 denier. It is water-resistant and has YKK zippers and double-stitched shoulder strap connection points. Side pockets are large enough for accessories and a water bottle. The two main pockets are large enough to house a laptop or tablet.

An adjustable sternum strap connects the shoulder pads. There’s also a hip belt built in. Again, I do not advocate utilizing them since they may obstruct rapid access to the rifle.

A large pouch, lined with Velcro strips, sits at the back of the pack for attaching holsters. Dual access concealing compartments, which you can open with a zipper, reside on both the left and right sides.

As previously indicated, a holster is attached to the huge hook and loop panels within the concealing compartment.

The huge panel allows for an unlimited number of orientation variations. Pulling the bag forward allows quick access to the hidden pocket.

This necessitates the removal of one shoulder strap. As a result, carrying the backpack with a single strap allows for easy access to the holster.

3. Steel Blue Surret/16 CS Daypack


The 16-liter capacity is ideal for the average commuter, in my view. Carry what you need for your day’s activities, whether at work, school, or a local coffee shop, with the SOG Surrept/16, a daypack that offers the necessary essentials without the bulk and unnecessary features of other daypacks. I picked steel blue to mix in with the urban landscape and retain a low profile.

Craft the exterior of the SOG Surrept/16 with 4200 Nylon Ripstop material, making it low-profile and ensuring protection for the contents against adverse weather conditions. When in use, the material is supple and silent.

The water bottle pockets do, in fact, firmly retain a water bottle. I can’t tell you how many times I decided against purchasing a daypack since the water bottle compartments were badly built.

The outside design was completed by SOG with a secret pocket on the bottom of the bag. Nobody else would be aware until you informed them. Even while carrying it on your back, the deep zipper and seam make it practically hard to notice.

4.11 COVRT 18 Tactical Backpack

11 COVRT 18 Tactical Backpack

I have noticed that almost everyone I have worked with or known who is passionate about shooting or tactical gear, has at least one piece of 5.11 gear either in their closet, vehicle or with them.

5.11 has been around for a long time and produces a wide range of equipment for both tactical and everyday use. One of these options is the COVRT 18 concealed carry backpacks.

This large 30-liter bag is similar to most college or day packs. Several exterior pouches and pockets increase utility. Dual mesh side pouches carry your preferred water bottle, and the main pocket may accommodate a 17″ laptop or a hydration bladder if desired.

This pack is composed of water-resistant 500-Denier nylon and comes in four different colors. The COVRT 18’s aesthetic and design would be most at home on a short trek.

Store a handgun in the main compartment or use the larger of the two front pockets, designed to conceal one, as the intended hiding place for your handgun.

The compartment, which has a Velcro panel and multiple molle attachments, is large enough to store a medium handgun and potentially a replacement magazine.

When you’re at the head of the pack, the optimal time to reach the Roll-Down Assault Compartment (RAC) is when the load is completely off your body.

If just one shoulder strap is utilized, access is gained; however, the compartment remains on the front of the bag rather than on the side as with most other packs.

5. Legion Day Pack by Cannae Pro Gear

Legion Day Pack by Cannae Pro Gear

Cordura Nylon 500D Duraflex buckles and hardware are very strong. YKK Zippers are dependable.

Unique Single Zip Body and Top Position Opening: Full or Vertical Backpack Access Laptop/Tablet Protection Compartment Top Handle is Simple to Grab

Zipper pulls with “Super-Grip.” The back zipper pocket holds a 2-liter hydration bladder and is concealable. 

When you make a purchase, we may receive a commission, and it will not cost you any extra.

Cannae’s Legion Day Pack is one of the most comfortable items on the list. While it may seem more tactical, it is still appropriate for the workplace… I’d know since I bring mine every day. One of my favorite aspects is the incredible durability.

6.  5.11 COVRT18 2.0 Concealed Carry Backpacks

The 5.11 COVRT18 is the ideal combination of civilian simplicity and military effectiveness.

Because of its R.A.C. The COVRT18 2.0, equipped with a Roll-down Assault Section compartment specifically designed to hold a full-sized pistol, serves as an excellent concealed carry a backpack.

What’s the Greatest Part?

It has a dual-access entrance for easy access to your gun from both sides. The fact that this bag does not seem tactical is an extra bonus.

A low-profile basic look and strong, water-resistant 500D nylon fabric make the COVRT18 ideal for blending in and being prepared for whatever happens.

You may choose a design that matches your style since the bag is available in a variety of hues.

There’s still more. The padded backrest, sternum straps, and compression straps make carrying this stylish hidden carry bag simple and comfortable.

7. Outlaw Gear Slinger 3V Gear

3V Gear Gear Slinger Outlaw serves as a multi-purpose bag, ideal for a range of activities, from mountain trekking to commuting to work.

Construct the backpack from 600D PVC-backed polyester, ensuring its durability. Reinforce the seams with double-stitching and equip the zippers with rust-resistant features.

Because these materials work together to make this bag water-resistant, tear-resistant, and therefore incredibly robust, you can expect it to last a long time.

This bag is very well-organized. With four compartments and two water bottle holders, you’ll fight to keep things organized. The main compartment has a laptop sleeve as well as many zipper compartments.

The two front pockets additionally unzip to reveal individual compartments for your phone, Ipad, pens, and other items. The exterior is also MOLLE webbing, allowing you to attach any extras in the field.

The hidden carry compartment runs around the rear of the backpack for easy access and also serves as a hydration pack compartment when not carrying. There’s also a velcro area inside the pocket for attaching a velcro holster.

Because the bag is a sling pack, it just has one strap, yet it is still quite comfy. Generously cushion the strap and design the sling in a shape that enables you to effortlessly spin the bag and access everything. Right-handers will find it more suitable, but a lefty might become used to it over time.

Overall, a pretty useful backpack with a well-thought-out pistol section.

Final Thoughts

A hidden carry backpack is important not just as a survival bag, but also as a convenient method to keep your weapon safely, securely, and covertly while yet having rapid access to it. Concealed carry backpacks enable you to move fast and normally without friction, and you won’t get strange stares from those who aren’t gun aficionados.

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