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All-Inclusive Resorts vs. Cruising: Which Is More Frugal?

Since I frequently travel with my kids and prefer to keep things easy, I really love cruising and all-inclusive resorts. Both options make it easy to budget and pay for your trip without a ton of surprises, and both can be booked in one of my favorite regions of the world — the Caribbean.

But which is more frugal: All-inclusive resorts or cruising? Since you can book some pricey all-inclusive resorts and luxury cruises, it’s safe to say that both options can really be as expensive as you want them to be.

Pros and Cons: All-Inclusive Resorts

There are a few reasons I love all-inclusive resorts as a frugal vacation option for families. For starters, there are many ways you can book all-inclusive resorts with points, whether that means cashing in hotel loyalty points, redeeming flexible travel credit, or booking an all-inclusive property through a portal. With enough rewards racked up, you could even book an all-inclusive resort for free.

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