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Alaska Offering New Bonus On Purchased Miles

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is one of my favorite programs to buy miles from, both thanks to the frequency with which they sell miles, and what a good deal their redemptions can be.

The airline sure has been taking an interesting approach towards selling miles this month, though. Last week the airline had a three day flash sale on purchased miles, while this week they have a one week sale on miles. Compare that to them historically offering promotions for weeks at a time.

So let’s take a look at Alaska’s current promotion.

What is the best price for buying Alaska miles?

Through Sunday, September 22, 2019, Alaska is offering a bonus on the purchase of miles. Different accounts may be targeted for different offers, and my account shows a bonus of up to 40%. It’s possible that different accounts are eligible for different bonuses, so you’ll have to log into your Mileage Plan account to see what you’re eligible for.

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