9 Best EDC Backpack for Concealed Carry

The best EDC backpack for concealed carry makes it much safer to transport your handgun and other accessories.

Especially if the entire goal is to carry concealed without anybody knowing you have a firearm on you in public. However, the market is replete with so many possibilities that it may be difficult to choose a dependable carrier.

A pistol on an EDC backpack is the best-concealed carry option.

I’m here to put an end to your pain with this carefully curated list of the best 9 concealed carry backpacks on the market today.

They provide the ideal balance of abundant storage, useful features, and all-day comfort.

They also include a specific compartment for your handgun and may be utilized for a range of activities such as daily usage, hiking, military deployment, traveling, and so on. So, without further ado, let us get started.

Vertx Gamut 2.0 Pack, Canopy Green

  1. 5.11 COVRT18

The COVRT 18 was definitely designed for those like myself, and it seems that 5.11 took customer comments into consideration while building this backpack.

The storage and compartments are amazing, the material is high quality, and the stitching is flawless. Even the little logo tabs are TUCKABLE and may be concealed. Nothing that reads “5.11” is visible once you tuck them away. That’s fantastic.

The cushioning is also substantial and breathable, which contributes to its being a fantastic backpack. This is really quite comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time and does not put too much strain on your shoulders while also keeping you considerably cooler than most other bags.

What I first mistook for an armor pocket is really a TSA-friendly laptop pocket that is cushioned and folds flat for security. Remove your rifle and ammunition first.

I highly advise you to use the velcro in the pocket to attach a holster. You even have enough space for a magazine or anything.

  1. Bag Vertx EDC Backpack Gamut 2.0

Ballistic panels may be installed on the concealed carry platform.

Snaps on the zipper pull on the front flap prevent inadvertent opening, and G-hook straps allow the front flap to be converted to a sling for bigger objects.

The main compartment has a cushioned laptop sleeve, four gear slots, and two abrasion-resistant zipped mesh pockets, and is strategically placed.

  1. Little Tricky Pack Eberlestock

Eberlestock is no stranger to the tactical pack market, and its designs are employed by some of the world’s greatest military groups. The Eberlestock Little Trick Pack is the best EDC backpack for concealed carry. The backpack has a quick-access CCW compartment with magnet closure.

The 18.6-liter pack is modest, yet it can easily accommodate any goods you need for daily usage. We also appreciate how the bag can accommodate broken-down subguns like an MP5, AR pistol, or similar-sized item.

It also has compartments intended expressly for quick access to your magazines. This feature is extremely important for police officers and federal agents seeking a suitable active shooter response bag.

The bag is a touch more tactical than we’d like to see in a concealed carry backpack since it has outside MOLLE, which we don’t like. While it is more tactical in nature, it does not seem to be as tactical as other bags on the market.

Finally, we got the opportunity to test the Eberlestock Little Trick Pack, and we were really happy with how it carried, particularly heavy stuff. The bag rests nicely and securely, and it would also make an excellent day hiker. 

  1. Entity 21 of Maxpedition

Since 2003, Maxpedition has been recognized for its high-quality bags. They provide anything from pocket organizers to 35-liter packs in their comprehensive array of bags.

The Maxpedition Entity 21 seems to be a school/professional bag. It lacks the characteristic military aesthetics and feels that Maxpedition is known for. With a capacity of 21 liters, Entity 21 is a smaller member of the Entity range. Other Entity bags come in 16, 23, and 27-liter sizes.

It Made of Kodra 500 denier. It is water-resistant and has YKK zippers and double-stitched shoulder strap connection points. Side pockets are large enough for accessories and a water bottle. The two main pockets are large enough to house a laptop or tablet.

  1. Steel Blue Surrept/16 Daypack

The 16-liter capacity is ideal for the average commuter, in my view. The SOG Surrept/16 will carry what you need without the size and extra features of other daypacks, whether you’re heading into the workplace, to school, or simply to the neighborhood coffee shop to get some work done. I picked steel blue to mix in with the urban landscape and retain a low profile.

The outside of the SOG Surrept/16 is made of 4200 Nylon Ripstop material, which keeps the bag low-profile and protects the contents from adverse weather. When in use, the material is supple and silent.

The water bottle pockets do, in fact, firmly retain a water bottle. I can’t tell you how many times I decided against purchasing a daypack since the water bottle compartments were badly built. 

The outside design was completed by SOG with a secret pocket on the bottom of the bag. Nobody else would be aware until you informed them. Even while carrying it on your back, the deep zipper and seam make it practically hard to notice.

With the design of this new range of daypacks, the team at SOG (Studies and Observations Group) truly struck the nail on the head.

  1. Rover Red Rock Outdoor Gear

The best inexpensive EDC backpack for concealed carry is the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack Black.

Colors: Black, Coyote with OD Webbing, Dark Earth, Navy, Olive Drab, OD with Red Stitching, Tornado with Black Webbing, Tornado with Royal Blue Stitching, Woodland Digital. Sling Pack is a style.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear is a budget brand, however, they mean “cheap to purchase” rather than “cheaply built.”

Concealed carry backpacks must be strong and well-made. As a result, every bag on this list costs $100 or more.

Except for the Rover, which costs less than a third of that. The Rover is a compact crossbody sling pack with four compartments and a 9-liter capacity.

You may increase the storage capacity by using the MOLLE webbing on the exterior.

A single broad strap extends from the top of the pack and wraps around your waist, attaching with adjustable straps.

For covert carry, the bag features a button-closed cushioned pouch on the rear that opens at the top.

  1. Rover Sling Inexpensive CCW Pack with MOLLE from Red Rock Outdoor Gear

It’s lined with soft Velcro so it can be slipped into a holster. Depending on the size of your rifle, this may not be required.

Larger firearms, on the other hand, will protrude through the top. Elastic panels on the interior may accommodate pencils, flashlights, and replacement magazines.

If you need to carry extra goods, a bigger, 12-liter version is available for just a few dollars more.

  1. Maxpedition Falcon III is the best hiking backpack

In conclusion, the Falcon III is tough and comfortable for long or short hikes.

The Maxpedition Falcon III is the backpack to take on a gorgeous trek or a tough adventure!

For starters, it’s CCW-compatible, with a designated pocket that can hold even big handguns and locked zippers for further discretion. Second, it is composed of water and abrasion-resistant nylon 1050 denier. So you know it can withstand the hardships of trekking expeditions.

Maxpedition Falcon III is the best-concealed carry option.

Do you Have a heavy load?

Its cushioned shoulder straps, strong sternum, and waist support make transporting heavy equipment a breeze!

So, whether it’s for overnight travels or outdoor experiences lasting up to three days, this 35-liter pack is up to the challenge.

This pack also supports hydration bladders and has plenty of capacity for anything you need to carry. As cool as this concealed carry backpack is, it isn’t for everyone. There’s the cost, which is significant.

  1. Rush Moab 10 5.11

For the last three years, this has been David’s “gun show” bag. This MOAB 10 has gone to SHOT Show many times, as well as a couple of dozen industry events and dozens of range sessions.

It even survived a 1,400-mile road trip. The idea is that this is a well-worn and well-loved bag. The water bottle holder and IFAK on the sides are optional extras that he added, so don’t expect them when you purchase a backpack.

What I like most about this bag is how simple it is to use and carry. Yes, it’s little, but it can hold a lot more than you may expect. The strap cushioning is THICK, making it simple to carry the backpack all day. It’s also simple to swing around on your shoulder to reach the main storage section without having to remove the bag all the time.

Having said that, I wish the CCW pocket at the aperture was a bit bigger. There is no zipper to deal with, and the pocket is sealed with velcro. This works well, however it scrapes your hand when you reach for your rifle.

That doesn’t matter in a life-or-death scenario. But it’s a pain when you’re performing 50 draws on the range to maintain proficiency.

The above-mentioned EDC backpack for concealed carry would give you the best experience when you use these backpacks on your own.

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