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5 reasons you might not want to book a cruise on a brand-new ship

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of being on the maiden voyage of a new cruise ship. The crew is excited. Passengers are excited. It’s almost always a festive affair, often with lots of extra pizazz like fireworks over the ship and deck-top parties with free-flowing Champagne. Plus, you might spot a celebrity or two — or at least the top executives of the line.

Among hard-core cruise fans, it also can bring the ultimate in bragging rights, even years later.

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Still, booking a maiden voyage (or any of the first few sailings of a brand-new ship really), isn’t without risks. Cruise ships are just hotels that happen to float and, just like hotels, they’re not always ready for prime time when they first go into operation.

Sometimes, they’re not ready at all, as early bookers of the new Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection’s first vessel learned … Read More

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