IT Luggage Reviews You Should Be Reading


IT Luggage Reviews You Should Be Reading

IT Luggage got its start in UK in 1985 but it’s since expanded over the years to become a distributor of bags in over 45 more countries. That’s not surprising: IT means “international traveler”, after all, so there was always ever reason to expect the company’s products traveling over national lines too.

Today, its products are typified not only by quality but also extreme lightness. It thus represents a good brand choice if you want a carry-on bag that merges sturdiness with ease-of-mobility. Below are 3 IT luggage reviews you should check out if you want 22-inch carry-on uprights in particular. All 3 belong to IT’s lightweight upright lines and not a single one of them goes over 6.5lbs. In fact, the lightest one weighs only 6.3lbs.

IT Luggage Mega-Lite Premium 22-inch Carry On

The Mega-Lite is a spinner case measuring 22 by 14 by 9 inches and weighing 6.3lbs. Made of a hard-wearing and high-density polyester, it also employs a special base structure that allows it to stay rigid in spite of its lightness. It has 4 spinner wheels and a push-button retractable handle. It has a zippered top-to-bottom closure and a zippered front compartment for laptops and tablets.


  • Actually suitable for older kids (very young teens)
  • Good build quality
  • Very light


  • Slightly front-heavy

Starting off our lineup is the heaviest of the three, the 22-inch Mega-Lite. Like the rest of the pack, it fits squarely in most airlines’ carry-on regulations—we actually didn’t get refused by any of the ones we tried. It also has a nice number of compartments for the pro-pockets crowd. It does have a tendency to tip to the front if you pack heavy things there, but we found that rearranging our stuff did a lot to mitigate that problem.

The interior, like the exterior, feels very well-made: this is actually much better quality than you would expect for bags at this price point. It’s a great carry-on, overall, although some might still find it small for their needs. Roomier bags tend to flirt with the boundaries of airline regulations, though, so this is still a safer choice.

IT Luggage World’s Lightest Second Generation 22-inch Upright

Made of polyester stretched over a fiberglass frame, this upright delivers on both lightness and strength easily. It has a fabric liner and an aluminum handle and can be found in 5 colors: raven (black), dazzling blue, lollipop red, peacoat (navy), and blue atoll (cerulean). On the inside of the lid are 3 mesh pockets while the main box includes clothing straps.

The friction-locking handle’s two poles run on the outer corners of the back panel, which means you no longer need to consider the bulges these usually cause on the base of your bag when packing. The bag has 2 corner-mounted ball bearing wheels, a side handle, and a weight of only 4.7lbs for its 22 by 14 by 8.7 inch frame.


  • Attractive color options
  • Extremely light
  • Durable case and handle


  • Handle could be longer and have a lock
  • Wheels and bottom legs don’t feel as sturdy as the rest of the item

This is a great wheeler if you have issues with heavy bags—it may even be among the lightest wheelers you’ll ever see on the market. It’s too bad the handle isn’t longer, because it does make it slightly less maneuverable than it really should be at this weight.

A locking mechanism that you can rely on would be appreciated for improvement of that part of the bag as well. Another minor concern has to do with the wheels on the bag: they don’t feel as strong as the rest of it does, which is a bit of a letdown considering these see the most contact with other objects.

Still, our test unit’s wheels didn’t actually fail us throughout testing. In sum, this is an attractive and almost outrageously light carry-on from IT that retails for a fairly low price that bargain shoppers will jump at quickly.

IT Luggage World’s Lightest Quilted Front 22-inch Carry On Spinner

A high-tensile outer polyester fabric is combined with a strong fiberglass skeleton in this spinner, which measures 22 by 14 by 10 inches outside and 19 by 13.8 by 8.7 inches inside. It has a handsome quilted front panel and has a push-button retractable handle in the trolley style: this means that the handle poles run down the sides instead of the middle of the back, resulting in a properly flat packing case interior. It weighs 5.5lbs and is expandable, with a zippered closure.


  • Light but spacious
  • Has an expansion panel
  • Actually pretty durable for its lightness


  • Wheels aren’t as good as the spinners on some other brands
  • Part of the bottom has a tendency to scrape the ground when the bag is being towed (although, fortunately, that part is plastic-reinforced)

This is another very light spinner from IT Luggage at just 5.5lbs, and while that may cause you to worry at first about whether or not it can hold up, it actually proves your worries unfounded for the most part.

The soft sides are surprisingly robust, as is the lightweight fiberglass underneath them. The quilted front adds a touch of style to it too, and the bright blue color is both attention-getting and nice.

The wheels are OK, but they do have a bit of a tendency to stray on some surfaces—that’s about par for the course with spinners at this price point, though. It’s a great bag if every pound matters with your luggage but you don’t want to break the bank looking for something both light and durable.


If your big concern really is lightness, you should go for the last of the three we listed here. It’s so light that it will probably make you nervous at first, but it really does perform more ably than you can likely imagine from just looking at it. It’s one of the best featherweights we’ve tried out in a while, not to mention among the better-looking ones too thanks to that pleat in the front panel.

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